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We Want You To Find a Generic, Brandable, Premium Domain Name For Your Online Presence!

Are you searching for a domain name which is short, generic and brandable?

We are sure you understand the value of a memorable and brandable domain name which offers great ROI on your investment. More so if you are going to spend a lot on online and TV advertising for your business and brand.

Great Domain Name Means Better ROI!

Upfront investment in acquiring a brandable and memorable domain name brings in Returns on Investment for a long time. A memorable generic word as a domain name lingers in the minds of audiences for a long time and they will keep coming back to your business for a long time. Your domain name is your first impression for your consumer like your brand.

Let us elaborate a bit on this. Suppose your name is John Smith and you are offering Cleaning Services in London, then you can register a domain as JohnSmithCleaningServicesLondon.com, if it is available. But suppose, you are able to find a domain name as CleaningServicesLondon.com or CleaningServices.London or BestCleaning.com or CleaningServices.co.uk it may be better when it comes to remembering the brand or business.

Keyword domain names help you describe your business or services in a short one or two words which may be more relevant and easier for your customers to remember and find you online.

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VRE Net domains team has been involved in online businesses for more than twenty years and we have the experience of building online presence for many successful businesses. As a team, we have the experience in IT Services and Software Development, International IT Outsourcing, Legal Services, Commercial Real Estate, Building Online Marketplaces, Financial Services and Banking and during the course of this time, we have registered some very nice domains which we wanted to develop as online businesses.

We hope you find what you are looking for, however if you are not able to find something suitable, we can always help you find something that meets your requirements, expectations and budget based on our experience.

Importance of a Catchy, memorable, easy and meaningful domain name

DDomain names are important because a short, meaningful and memorable domain name can help in creating a successful Web presence.

There are over 200 million web sites which are live. Internet and web space is growing by leaps and bounds. If you do not have a proper domain name and content you have greater chances of getting lost in cyberspace.

There are two components to a domain name. The first part is the domain name, which describes the company, business or an individual. It can be company name, brand name, service offered or individual's name. The second part of the domain name is the domain name extension. The extension identifies what kind of website it is, i.e. for business, charity, individual or organisation or geographical i.e. country related domains.

There are hundreds of different extensions available to choose from for your business, but most businesses and professionals prefer .com or .net extension for their 'for profit' businesses and .org for a 'not for profit' businesses.

You must have a great domain name because it conveys that you mean serious business and adds credibility to your business, irrespective of your size. A great domain name provides you level playing field.

Recent pandemic situation has driven home the importance of ecommerce and doing business online. This means all those businesses who did not pay much attention to their online presence will now become active.

This makes it all the more important to have a small, catchy, easy to remember and brandable domain name for your business.

We will soon be helping others in offering their domain names for lease or sale on this web site, so if you have registered great domain names and would like to monetise them bookmark this site and visit back soon or subscribe to our newsletter as we will announce the launch of domain name marketplace in our newsletter.

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